The River of God

Gail Patterson

I have observed God using visuals in ministry, by the expressions of prophetic acts. There are so many in the Bible. As Moses lifted up his arms, the battle was won, Elisha instructed the King to shoot his arrow out the window, when he did there was deliverance from Syria. The symbolic act of Mosses stretching his rod over the Red Sea brought a miraculous breakthrough.   I think of how Jesus used the ceremonial water pots used for cleansing to Make wine at the Wedding. The servants at the Wedding became part of a prophetic act. The wine was symbolic of the Blood of Jesus; as the plain water could never cleanse humanity, spiritually speaking. The prophetic act of Jesus was speaking loudly, only the blood of Jesus would cleanse mankind from sin. It was spoken with amazement; the Bridegroom has saved the best wine for last. Jesus kept the best wine for last when he poured out himself on the cross.

I was asking to create a visual for a prophetic act. Apostle Regina Stevenson of Titus 2 Community Dance Ministry asked me to create a River of God Billow Canopy, 15ft x 13.5ft.  Regina told me as people come under these large visuals, miracles take place. Upon receiving the High Praise Banner Canopy Regina stated, “It is beyond beautiful. Regina used it at a Worship Conference. People began to sing and jump in the river as people ran under the canopy they would fall out under the power of the Holy Spirit.” Jesus said if I be lifted up I will draw all men unto me. Jesus is the River, he is everything! As these women were lifting up the Canopy, it helped people step right into the reality of the River of God that flows directly from His Throne. In doing so people were cleansed, healed and delivered.

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