International WORSHIP BANNER Conference in Switzerland

Gail Patterson

May, 2012 WORSHIP Banner Conference in Emmetten, Switzerland. (near Lucerne)

As we formed a circle overlooking breathtaking view of Lake Lucerne in prayer and worship to the Lord for the country of Switzerland we all felted honored to be able  to stand with our Swiss brothers and sisters to see the heaven shift and become rightly aligned with their God given purpose and destiny as a country.


One hundred fifty people gathered from 13 countries to stand with Switzerland in releasing worship to the Lord. A time of deep repentance was given for national sins, asking God for his mercy and cleansing.



Switzerland known for neutrality had spread to the church in Switzerland also. The Swiss Prayer Warriors raised their WORSHIP BANNER and declared after much repentance, “they are not neutral Christians but Prayer Warriors for Christ!” 



As worship was offered using PRAISE AND WORSHIP BANNERS AND FLAGS and the music streamed out the windows many moved outside in the grassy field with freedom of worship. Banners in hand, prayer warriors descended the Alps Mountain to the Birthplace of Switzerland, Rutli. Prayer was offered up for the Swiss people to walk out their destiny as a nation. Leaving Rutli we boarded a ferry boat, everyone raised their banners with a great display of worship to the Lord. Curious bystanders watched and asked questions giving us an opportunity to witness for the Lord. As I raised my Swiss banner, stating the Glory of the Lord Shall Cover Switzerland, a Swiss man on the upper deck yelled down to me, YES with his arm raised to heaven! Pentecost morning worshipers gathered with prophetic acts forming a square which represented the north, south, east and west of Switzerland. Opposite sides came together and blessed each other laying the Banner pole on their counterpart’s shoulder; decreeing they would fulfill their God given destiny.


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