National Day of Prayer 2012 with Worship Banners and Worship Flags- Birmingham, Michigan

Gail Patterson


May 3, 2012 was a beautiful day as people gathered at Shain Park in Birmingham, Michigan for the National Day of Prayer. Banners and flags were lifted up by the people. The Colorful Scriptural Worship Banners themselves were also crying out in the heavenly realm when raised; our God is able and willing to deliver us as we humbled ourselves in prayer and asked God to forgive us and heal our land; many proclamations were declared over the United States and Michigan. We called upon God’s wisdom to transform our Government and our businesses. Prayer went up for our President to have the mind of Christ.  Prayers for our children, and people in destitute situations were prayed. Our prayers lifted up churches and Pastors, asking God for a visitation of his Spirit to bring awakening to transform our nation. We asked God for salvation for the souls of Americans. We cried out for Americans to seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness, for righteousness exalts a nation. Most importantly we also lifted up Israel in their time of need and prayed that our government would stand strong in our commitment to Israel. The shofar was blown that brought real release in the spirit over all that was prayed for.



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