High Praise Banners in the land of Israel

Gail Patterson

Testimony from Pastor Curtis Taylor and wife Karen Taylor,
Beit Lechem Ministries, Fruita , Colorado

I just want to tell you how blessed we were to wave your Banners in the land of Israel. They were a blessing to the people, Israel is Forever and America Stands with Israel Banners. We actually had people ask to pose with the Banners for pictures. Almost everywhere people filmed us. Some of the real highlights were the Sea of Galilee on Daniel Carmel’s Worship Boat, the Valley of the Tears Golan Heights, Battlefield of the Yom Kippur war. Many soldiers were there and watched us. Our guide who is a Jew and native Israeli was a Tank Commander in the war. This man loved our flag worship, and even joined us in waving flags. He took videos of us as well. I explained to him that we were not doing this as a show or performance, but to proclaim the name and sovereignty of the One True God throughout His land; to declare Him as reigning King and the Great I Am and that this land is His. He was moved to tears and he told us he now knows how much we love Israel. The other locations were Shiloh the site of the Tabernacle for over 400 years. This site was very special to us because our daughter, Andrea and her husband and their children were with us. This location is where Hannah prayed for a child and then promised him to Yahweh when she conceived. This place is where people pray for fruitfulness. My daughter had been barren for 4 yrs., when we first visited this place and prayed for he to conceive. She has never visited this site until now, and to be with her son Isaac who was conceived after my husband and I prayed at this place 14 yrs. Ago was so joyful, words cannot express, but our flag worship did. She is now a mother of 5. All of her children are flag worshipers.

We worshiped on the Mt of Olives, the Garden Tomb, the tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron, Tel Maresha (archaeological site), Massada, Caesaera, Phillipi, and Caesarea Maritima (by the sea) on the stage of the Roman Amphitheater. We looked out to the seating area, people were raising their hands in worship with us. Thrilling.
The waving of the flags and banners in worship gave us the boldness and created opportunities for interaction with others.
Thank you so much for the banners they were a huge blessing to us and the Israels.

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