Thy Right Hand O Lord Is Glorious in Power Worship Flag

Gail Patterson

I created this Worship/Praise Flag thinking on the scripture Exodus
15:6. Moses was leading the people through the Red Sea, Mariam was
rejoicing in dance playing her tambourine. They had just witnessed
Pharaoh and his army defeated as the water caused the horse and the
rider to be crushed and overturned by a tidal wave. The God of Heaven
and Earth had displayed His magnificent power to save his people, with
His unfailing love. Jesus, the Great God Jehovah extends His right hand
of power, to dash to pieces our enemy. Our God in His infinite wisdom
rules with His Iron Scepter when needed, shattering our enemies like
clay pots. Rev.2:27. This Worship/Praise Flag, “Thy Right Hand O Lord is
Glorious in Power. Thy Right Hand has dashed to pieces the enemy.”
was created to remind us King Jesus our Eternal God has and is
triumphing victoriously over our enemies. Decree it, Sing it, Raise this
Worship/Praise Flag!

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