Jesus is Alive The Grave is Empty

Gail Patterson
The women in Luke 24:1-9 expected to find a dead body that morning. Their dreams were shattered, their Messiah had died. They brought spices for a dead body. Today I see that so much preaching is like spices being delivered to a dead body. We will never find Our Lord in dead situation, dead dreams, or fears. There is always resurrection life available to us if only we will believe. That is why I created this WORSHIP PRAISE BANNER  Death could not hold our Savior, the sepulcher was empty. Suddenly two angels appeared saying don’t look for Him amongst the dead, he is alive. He’s not here but risen. As the disciples were speaking, Jesus appeared and stood in their midst saying, Peace be unto you.  He reminded them that all things spoken of Him in the scriptures had to be fulfilled. Jesus is alive and well and he wants to resurrect every dead thing in our lives! Unfurl this WORSHIP PRAISE BANNER  reminding yourself, Jesus is Alive and wants to impart his life into any situation.


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