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Gail Patterson



We serve an Amazing God, which is why I created this WORSHIP BANNER/FLAG. If Americans will repent, ask for forgiveness , change their  ways in exchange for his Biblical principles which American was established upon; I believe God will hear from heaven, and  heal our land. I pray that Americans will turn to God with her whole heart, and tear down idols of: materialism, greed, pride, lust, man pleasing, murder, abortion, and everything that opposes the will of the Father. I pray that those that sit in darkness will see a great light in American. It will be a  defining moment, in history. Prayer and repentance will turn this great ship around, call America the Land of the Free. It will cause her sails to be bent into the wind of the Holy Spirit who will birth miracles, signs, and wonders in our great land. May God forgive our sins and bring a great visitation of his Glory; resulting in the silos of Heaven being full and over flowing with souls harvested by his visitation. May America be a shinning light to the Nations to partner with God once again, to see his Kingdom come! Yes raise this WORSHIP BANNER/Flag, I believe we will see the Glory of the Lord over America!

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