7th International Christian Dance & Creative Arts Conference- with Praise and Worship Banners – July 2009

Gail Patterson
God has been at work drawing me through circumstances in my life to enter into the world of designing Banner forWorship. During my trip to Scotland in 2009 my horizon was broadened as I attended The International Christian Dance & Creative Arts Conference. It was such a joy to see worshipers from around the world using their talents to worship the Lord Jesus Christ, with dance, Worship Banner and movement. It blessed me to see people gather from so many different countries yet having such unity of worship for the Lord Jesus Christ. There were many WORSHIP BANNER Workshops to partake in, always gaining new ideas and movements with Banners, ribbons and billows. As well as partaking in Worship Banner productions. Much of the conference was held indoors in beautiful buildings with the grand architecture of the city of St. Andrews. There were also days we united at the North Sea to worship God. Many of the local people looked on as we unashamed and boldly lifted our Praise and Worship banners, praying, proclaiming and declaring the Kingdoms of this world have become the Kingdoms of our God. As Jesus is lifted up he will draw all men to himself. The Worship Banners were a rally point that drew curious people to watch the Worship Banners being lifted up on the beach of the North Sea. The unity of spirit and passion of agreement released the presence of the Lord upon all of us that day. The Grand Finale of the Conference was held at the beach while an interruptive Praise and Worship Dance was being performed. As the International Christian Dance & Creative Arts Conference came to a close; Worship Banner Leaders from many Nations were invited to a Banner Leader’s Summit in Burntisland, Scotland. The next three days were spent in free-flowing gatherings of worship, intercession, ministry, teaching, impartation, and prophetic acts. All of which left me with many glorious and inspiring memories of Praise to our God.

International Christian Dance & Creative Arts Conference in Scotland – with Worship BANNERS CHURCH Worship Flags

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